Asian Science Camp 2014

I am starting the feeling of nervousness, happiness and surprising to see how the ASC be like and also new friends. This camps is one of the most amazing camp I have met. Everything seems like we will learn with the brilliant teachers as well as scientists which I haven’t never gotten this kind of lecture. I hope that it would bring me good luck and give me a lot chance to learn things in the camp. Moreover, I would like to know and to learn about Singapore as well. I have watched many programs about Singapore ,but never get a chance to see the real Singapore Country. Honestly, I can’t wait to see how Singaporean be like and the environment be like. However, I think all countries that join this camp is much better educated than Cambodia because Cambodia is still developing country. Additionally, our education is just growing as well. So I’m pretty sure that we are a little different to them(developed countries). Due to this problem, we won’t lose our hope or being disappointed. We will try hard in the camp and learn from those awesome scientists. One week to go, I need to prepare a lot of things to be ready to join the camp. I will bring my study stuffs( pen, color, pencil, maker) in order to prepare the posters for presentation. For clothes, I need to bring 7 to 8 clothes. One of those is traditional suit which my team(from Cambodia) perform our Khmer traditional dance including nice traditional cloth on the farewell night. To my friends on the camps: I will say this ” Nice to know you, I am from Cambodia. Visit Angkor Wat if you come here. I will take you around “. Don’t mind our knowledge such as being lower than you guys. Hopefully you don’t mind us. As you have known Cambodia is just developed, so our knowledge will be poorer than yours.


A flashback to these 6 days at fantastic Singapore, I did learn a lot from brilliant scientists and I was able to meet awesome friends who come from all Asian countries and some more countries where I actually have never heard. On the first day, our Cambodian delegates and accompany person met up at Phnom Penh International Airport and we arrived at Changi Airport around 1 in the afternoon. There was a Cambodia’s student helper who guides us to NEC (Nanyang Executive Centre) where we stayed there for these 6 days. In the evening, all delegates met and had dinner together. Everyone seemed to be joyful by talking to each other and asking about education and their countries. After wonderful dinner, there was a game which about finding something around the center. It was fantastic game. On the second day, it was on Monday, ASC served us the tasty breakfast and all delegates had to join the scientist’s lectures in ADM. First scientist who I got inspired the most is Dr. Aaron Cherireover from Israel. His lecture was about medicine revolution which it is related to my study field. After Dr. Aaron’s Lecture, there was a short break which we were served with delicious snack. Then we had to back to auditorium again for other lecture. Second lecture was Professor Vladimir Voevodsky’s turn (field medalist in Mathematics). His lecture is quite cool, but everyone seemed to be asleep. We didn’t know why; maybe his topic is very difficult to understand.  After Professor Voevodsky’s lecture, we had a nice lunch with all delegates and also the volunteer team. On the third lecture, it was Professor Makoto Kobayashi who won Nobel Laureate in field of Physics. He was very popular and well-known among all delegates. His topic was about Matter and Antimatter. Next professor was Professor Jackie Ying. Her topic was marvelous. I was too interested in her field which is about nanotechnology.

On 6 days at 8th Asian Science Camp 2014, I met many brilliant people. They are really awesome. Our passions are science. We all come to ASC 2014 for gaining our science experience and in term of getting inspiration from several Nobel Prize winners in field of chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Physiology/Medicine. This is such a fabulous time for me and other delegates to improve their interest field.There are several people I took photo with during the camp. I am such a honor to know those awesome people.