Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival (STEM Cambodia)

Starting a new journey to further life of scientist dream is up-coming in next a couple weeks. Looking up calendar, reviewing my old chemistry lesson (probably it will consists of chemistry experiments), surfing science are what I am doing to get a good preparation for the festival. I believe that there will be amazing festival which I will learn a huge amount of knowledge on science field and will be able to know awesome people in many different field such as engineering, computer science, pharmacy, and food chemistry. Wow! this will be a great chance to learn from them. All people are truly genius.It will be the most exciting festival in 2015 so far. I recommend the kids from 11 to 19 years old to participate the festival because kids will get inspiration from the festival and will awesomely invent technological things in science field or they will start their journey like us(doing science major).
Similarly, Asian Science Camp and the festival are mainly about science and inspire teens to love and do on science. Only purpose to spread is to inspire kids to be young scientists and to involve in science field. Even though CSEF has just created for the first time; however, there will be many good experiments and interesting things to do such as Segway PT, walk on water(non-newtonian fluid pool), quad copter flying, and robot driving (controlled by smart phones), newspaper tower, and building a roller coaster. On other side of that, Asian Science Camp consists of Nobel Prize winners and eminent scientists who are having a high education and involve in several science program or events. To sum up, still both events mainly discuss about science. I strongly believe that Cambodia’s science will keep improving and most teens will be able to do on science fields they will interest. It was a brilliant events, which welcomed  over 9000 participants except invited students, was one of recognized and popular events in this year. From the first day till the farewell day, every single day was completely controlled and succeeded by astonishing volunteers from diverse universities. I could not describe how I was feeling during the festival. Even though pain got through my legs with dehydrating, every moments was exciting and joyful. When the kids came to my booth, my pain was totally burned and buried. Showing people about air pollution, having a funny talk, and inspiring people to love and study science subjects were incredible and impressive time for me. 3 days were greatly amazing.


2016 event was impressive in other ways we could encounter from 2015. It was new experiment for audiences which was about fire. Fire team made it to be most popular activity for that wonderful year. It was fantastic time to participate. The greatest year went to 2017 with three tough days from 9 to 11 March 2017 under a big heat, my team (medical team/first-aid team) successfully made it with a big smile and dehydration. It was very impressive having those 26 people with me on the festival. I cannot believe that those kids could share their hardship, love, care, complain (hungry + thirsty), and that all are so fun and tough. To me, I felt a bit sad by not giving care to everybody in my team. However, I could make everyone as team, not isolated from one another.  I really love unity so much and Medical Team made it as one.