Project Sa’Bai

I remember the day before the first day I joined Project Sabai was like in urgent scene. Around 8 to 9 pm in the night time, there was my Line notification popped up and said “One project need us to be translator, Do you wanna join? ” which actually was sent by Chhoungheng, my best friend.  That moment, I felt a little nervous to accept to join with him because I had never experienced such an amazing event like that. After agreement with him, I started to feel more nervous and surprised in the same time. I started to ask him about his experiences and what way I should use to translate. He responded with nervous as well because we were still freshmen in medical school. We actually have not known many medical term or English for medical. I could not sleep well that night, for I always thought about the project. Due to my nervousness, I always said that the project Sabai which mean Happy, so it was going to be happy project to overlap my sick points. In the morning, we met up in front of our school, had breakfast together ,and waited for them at Don Bosco School. When I first met the project members, I felt not so much nervous because they were so friendly and helpful. Sarah, the team leader, was nice and very friendly to us. Then, we went to Kompong Spue on van which consist of Me, Chhoungheng, Sarah, Tingwei and Ongbak. Tingwei and Ongbak were also good friends to us. They were so friendly and active guys. After a long journey to Kompong Spue, we went back to Phnom Penh and had a great lunch at Khmer Food. After that, we went to HOPE Clinic and Biomed. It was truly fantastic and fun experience for me. On the second day, we went to Phum Chreh to do some health’s survey about people live there. They called it ” Population Studies”. It was tired day for me because we had to walk to many places in the village. Still it was fun experience. For those two days, I got a lot of knowledge and inspiration. I started to like being on social works after on. I was so lucky to know such amazing medical students from National University of Singapore and Linna, our senior at University of Health Science. It was really a great time for us, but they had to leave Cambodia back to Singapore. They come backed here in December to continue the Clinic Days. On 10th December 2014, I joined again to be the translator and we did some survey to assist their needs in Clinic Days. What’s a nice thing was that I could meet new friends from Singapore as well. They were also friendly like their seniors. There were around 20 new NUS students. I cannot remember all of their name. If I am not wrong, there were Tuung, Colin, Venessa, Brother Jing, etc. I am not sure about their name. It was so fun to know all of them.



A year passed, on 13th to 16th December 2015, I am going to be translator again for second time with the project. I met many people last year and knew several Singaporean friends. This year, it must be more fantastic than previous year since I join with other folks from my university. I can have much time talking with my schoolmates and new friends from Singapore. I hope it would be excited and well-prepared, and could be enjoy as much as possible.


This year 2016, Project Sabai which is always big help to Cambodia, settled down again for a week with full of memory and love. I do not know what to say beside giving them a big applause for successful leading and encouragement. They are encountering very hard life almost 15 days here in Cambodia. They shared room, slept late, wake up early, and ate different foods, but they had heart which is super kind. I really thank for your kindness and passion. Even though you are born in different countries, your heart is truly pure and priceless. This project will not work without your help and our translators for very tough working. I hope the project would be a lot better next year and create full of love and memory.