Teaching Practicum

Studying itself is tough, but being able to put into practice of what we have learnt from the book is the real challenge. Teaching practicum is the subject whereby it requires all fourth-year students who major in Bachelor of Education to experience teaching in real class setting at Institute of Foreign Languages of year one students starting from 4 May to 10 June 2017. For what I have been through during this one-month and a half, the process was quite challenging, yet the experience was very priceless.

Before the practicum, we were invited to participate in practicum workshop for one week, which taught us a lot of things in order to prepare for the real challenge. I learnt a lot from my three lecturers who always provided me significant lesson for practicum. After workshop ended, I attended practicum orientation, which was held in Conference Hall G in building G. It was the day I talked to my supervisor and as well as my associate lecturer. I asked my associate lecturer a lot of questions about the class I was going to teach. He told me not to be worried since there were many active students who love to make fun in the class. From this pre-practicum event, I personally think that it helped me to brace myself for up-coming challenge period.


During the practicum, the nervous feeling came to me and other trainees. It was the first week I observe my associate lecturer. His style of teaching and technique were impressive to me, which I followed in my teaching. It was true that most of the students were very active and easy-going. They loved making fun with teacher and it looked very nice environment between teacher and students. Also, this very first observation did teach me a lot of thing include the class regular norms, classroom management, especially students’ names, and it made me realized that they are all awesome since they usually participated in the classroom’s activities. Finally, the first day of my teaching came, and I was assigned to teach on Tuesday for three weeks. On the first day, there was no supervisor to judge me, but there was associate lecturer. I wanted to earn a good impression from my students, so I had to be well prepared for the class. I was not feeling nervous since they made it fun together. They joked with me a lot. My associate lecturer commented me that my voice was not good and my teaching was fast. It was good to hear feedback from the lecturer. After the week two and week three came, I was given score for my teacher performance by my supervisor and associate lecturer. They provided me very beneficial comments and great assistance in order to improve my teaching for a better. As time went by, I could see myself in other way which mean I was improving from days to days. It was excellent to see myself developing to better level, which I tried to work harder from beginning. Last, my students and I made unforgettable memory together and still keep contact with them after practicum.


To sum up, the practicum period taught me a lot of things to be significant person for society. I understood why being teacher is not easy. Hence, it came to my life, which I could discover my strengths and weaknesses. I did not expect this happen in my class, but my students made the moment of my life beautifully and unforgettably. I really like the students and we joked a lot after practicum. This practicum could not have done without my supervisor, associate lectures, and as well as my students.